Anonymous said:
Are you on indefinite hiatus really?

For the moment, I made that decision fairly recently.

I’m not properly on tumblr if that makes sense, I just pop on from time to time and occasionally do a reply or two. I’ll probably be back after I sort out all the rl issues and improve my writing skills. 



"That was a joke, right?"

"I’ll be back in a bit."

// Wait… that’s how she started out? As an H&G inspired character? *distant screaming*


She was created like the second after I finished seeing the H&G trailer for the first time XDD So like when we became friends, I kinda laughed at the irony of it all cause you ran a Gretel blog. 



"I don’t know, he wouldn’t take off his pants."

"I can check if you want— just give me five minutes alone with him."

V: Into The Woods


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Little Red Riding Hood but probably not the version you’ve heard.

She’s packing it all; wolfsbane, silver— just about anything to kill a werewolf. Whether bitten, born or having triggered it, young, old— it doesn’t matter. Spill the blood of an innocent and you’ll pay the price. 

Cassidy’ll make sure of that.

Age: 26 (flexible)

FC: Katie McGrath 


"Perkiness, shape, firmness, softness."


"… How long the mark stays if I spank it."

"…So how long did the mark stay when you spanked him?"


…Look now then.


"S’not bad I guess…"

"How do you even judge a butt?”

Is it just a bad night or am I getting bad again?

— I ask myself this all the time (via lonexwxlf)
"How many times have I told you to knock?”


"Uhn… About five or six. I lost count."


Yes, do they not have manners on Mars or something?” 

Frank: "But I don’t wanna be the princess…"




"We’ve already spoken about this;
 I’m taller and look better in the armour
 so I’m the prince.” 

With a crestfallen face he looked blankly between the choices. “Not Aurora— I don’t like pink.”


"Not Snow White either: she’s too whiny. I’ll be Cinderella.” He could already feel the taunts if anyone else caught him. 

her little red lips pursed together, a slight sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach at Frank’s expression— guilt. both brows raised as she addressed him. 

afterwards, we’ll play one of your games, okay?
   —now go put on the dress.