Headcanon #16

Cassidy absolutely hates using public transport— cramped spaces, the rush, the germs and surrounded by people.

Mainly because the one time she did use public transport, she had to stand next to a guy on the Tube covered in blood and holding a harpoon. 

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April 24th || You Need Me

An eerie silence engulfed the atmosphere though it was a given, seeing as the safe house was located within the outskirts of Lichtenstein. 

Cut off from society, cut off from any means of contact and cut off from any forms of the outside world besides the occasional moments where Rilynn managed to get service. 

The isolation was crippling— well for the blonde it was. Being cooped up in such a small space was beginning to get to her; with her nicotine intake down to zero and no internet meant she had to make her own forms of entertainment. She craved— no, no, she was desperate for a high, not a drug high but just that little rush of adrenaline in her system.

Hence why she was currently trailing behind Caspar, taking immense pleasure at making inquiries though they seemed more like remarks in the process. 

"Poor, poor woman. She’s probably crying and wearing your shirts, popping pills—"

All movement came to a sudden halt, almost causing a collision before the man swivelled around. Shoes making a faint clap as he took a step forward, successfully backing her into a corner.. 

Toe to toe. 

                  Eye to eye.

                                     Never once did their gaze stray from one another’s; her eyes maintaining a steely coolness as his quickly clouded with rage. His hand shot up, fingers clasping around her throat as his lip curled into a sneer. 

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t snap your pretty little neck right here, right now.” 

His words came out in a low hiss, barely scraping the tips of his teeth as they left his mouth. Tone threatening yet injected with an underlining of belittlement; fingers tensing just a fraction a unspoken warning for her to watch what she said next. 

Despite the obvious threat, Rilynn smirked though it was short lived as the grip tightened even further. Her façade.cracked as she emitted a strangling gasp before it loosened, gritting her teeth to prevent herself from snarling— he was toying with her. 

"Because you n e e d me.

                                       You’ve never done something like this, Caspar. Sure, you’ve killed— hell, any moron can kill but these people… The very ones you’re hunting down? They’re the ones that hire you. They know what you expect, they know how to keep themselves safe but I, I work with them. I know how this works—

this time, I know something you don’t.”

"Are these human eyes?"


"Uhn… Maybe?"

The Big Apple


He smirked, thinking he had won before letting out a surprised “oi, oi—” as she gripped his wrist, pulling him along with her. Although much stronger, he respected her own strength, allowing his knees to buckle as he nearly tripped at the speed they were going— she could run fast.

"— Never thought you’d want me in a bedroom this quickly, Cass.” He chuckled.

Her lips pressed into a thin line as she tried not to make a remark in return, licking her inner cheek to prevent the urge of doing so though she did let slip an eye roll. 

Opening the door with one hand, she pushed him in with the other. “Just hurry up and change— I won’t peek if you don’t.” She told him, lips twisting into a slight smirk, indicating her attempt at a joke.


"You bet we will."


"I look forward to it." 

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'New goal located.'


"… okay… I can… I can work with that."

"We’ll see."

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"Even in between your thighs?"


"That depends on how well you flatter me."

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"In that case I’ll get you only the sweetest thing around."


"Flattery will get you everywhere, Robinson.”

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"Gotcha. No flowers or teddy bears— just chocolate."


"And booze I’m assuming?"

"You assumed correctly and I’m sure by now that you know I like my alcohol as bitter as my personality."

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